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We are committed to giving you the very best dental care available. Here's what some of our patients have to say about why you should trust your teeth to us:

"Thank you for all that you have done for me over the seven years I have been having my teeth worked on at your office. Stephanie and Tim, you both have a terrific facility and staff working for you. When having my teeth worked on for years I never felt more comfortable in doing so with your group.

The office staff have always been tremendous as well in reminding me of appointments and fighting insurances for payment. I know for a fact that your group has saved me $2,000.00 that I would have had to pay out of pocket.

Your updated facility, new equipment, and professional services are terrific.

But I have a success story for you as well: my mother was taking tetracycline when pregnant with me in 1962 and this caused my teeth to be deep gray in color. Stephanie, you and your group gave me the biggest gift that anyone has ever given me, except for the birth of my two boys, as you worked with me over two years to have all my upper front teeth removed, crowns added and reshaped my lower front teeth. In July of 2011, we began the process of removing and replacing and by the middle of August all was completed. I looked so different and was so happy.

I am in sales and my boss tracked my sales from middle August to December and sales were up 22 percent. He feels that this increase in sales are related to my appearance and confidence change after my teeth were replaced. I do agree with him as now I love to smile and never did before because of my grey teeth.

There is only one thing I can say: I just thank all of you for making my LIFE so different as I love to smile now!!"

I wanted to write a quick note of thanks to my Dentist, Stephanie Altenburg, and her staff at Barry Road Dental. Stephanie and her group changed my Life with the dental work they did. I was a tetracycline baby and unfortunately had grey teeth. Stephanie replaced them in my 40’s and it gave me the confidence I needed to become the Salesperson I am today. Recently I won Salesperson of the year for EMD Millipore and when receiving the award on stage the head of Sales for North America stated “I owed this award to my Dentist as she gave me that extra confidence I needed to get to the top” Thanks Stephanie as you are great at what you do and your staff is Awesome. Barry Road Dental Rocks!!!

James Carlton

EMD Sr. Sales Representative
North America



"I have known Steph since 1988, when she was the dental assistant for Guy Gronniger, DDS. I have stayed with this practice ever since. When Steph took over the practice, I followed her.
She has been my family's, including my adult children's, dentist of choice ever since. I adore her!

I have referred friends from all over the metropolitan area to her, and they are equally as pleased, many driving a lot of miles for their dental care!

I have the most beautiful crowns on my front teeth thanks to Steph's diligence with the dental lab.

I feel that I am treated honestly and compassionately by this practice. I am not an expert in her area of expertise and I don't ever feel that I have been led astray."


"I was extremely impressed with Barry Road Dental on my very first of approximately 20 visits. Before I even was treated by two excellent dentists and a very professional and friendly staff, I noticed Barry Road Dental had the most advanced equipment I have ever seen in any dentistry office.

The advanced equipment was only the beginning of a great experience. Having been negligent in my dental care prior to going to Barry Road Dental, I had nine cavities and four crowns at the age of 61. Dr. Tim removed all decay from my nine cavities and did superb work on my four crowns.

There is still more to Barry Road's capabilities. I was also on an antibiotic for most of my life due to acne from very oily skin. The antibiotic resulted in severe darkening of my teeth.
After an initial consultation with Dr. Stephanie, I chose to have the top eight and bottom eight teeth replaced with a total of 16 porcelain crowns. The result was truly amazing.

I would definitely classify Dr. Stephanie's restoration work as perfection. I did research on the internet and saw the work of other restoration specialist. It seemed as if their work was inferior to my porcelain crowns.

The internet pictures showed the interface between the top of the crown and the gum directly above the crown to be no near as natural looking as my crowns.

This is not just my opinion. To give but one example of another opinion, I just recently had surgery for a basal cell on my face. The surgeon was looking for any other basal cells on my face and mouth and asked me to open my mouth. He stated: 'Wow, your teeth are beautiful.

They look like a movie star's teeth.'

One final and very important part of my outstanding care at Barry Road Dental was my deep-teeth cleaning and follow-up cleanings. The technician's work was no doubt perfect. I was always pleased with her work and sincere concern for my dental care."


"Prior to my first visit to Barry Road Dental, I had not been to a dentist in almost 10 years because of very unpleasant experiences. When my husband and I decided to start a family, I knew I had to find a dentist because it was not an option that my children not go to the dentist. I choose several offices, listed on my insurance plan, and began my search. Barry Road Dental was the third on my list. After visiting the first time with Dr. Stephanie Altenburg, I felt confident that I had found MY dentist.

Dr. Stephanie was different -- she was sincere, kind, patient, concerned, gentle and committed. She didn’t judge me for not being to the dentist in years; she assured me she could take care of my teeth and would do so with minimal discomfort; she explained everything she was doing and why and immediately began to build a wonderful doctor-patient relationship.

The office staff and dental assistants at Barry Road Dental are amazing! They are a genuine group of individuals that greet you with a smile, answer any questions you may have and make you feel 'at home' each time you visit. They are sensitive to the fact that not all of us are comfortable visiting the dentist, they respect each individual and their needs, give you as much time as you need and have you leaving the office with a smile.

I am proud to say, I have now been a patient at Barry Road Dental Group for over 17 years. I am thrilled that my children love Barry Road Dental and look forward to going to the dentist! We truly feel like members of their extended family."


"Snakes and dentists. The thought of encountering either gave me serious heepies jeepies. So, I put off going to the dentist for such a long time... Well, I couldn't really remember the last time I'd had a check-up prior to finally making my appointment at Barry Road Dental.

My prior phobia about dentists was not entirely irrational. I'd had some genuinely awful experiences "in the chair," including having a live tooth drilled into. Also, I was completely discouraged after other dentists declared my overbite a lost cause, nothing they could correct without breaking my jaw."


"I absolutely love my dentists at Barry Road Dental. They have always made me feel very, very comfortable.

In the past, I've had bad experiences and was always afraid to go [to the dentist], to the point I have needed some major dental procedures done. Stephanie, Shauna and all of the Dental Group have been so great, and I have had such a positive experience that I go routinely now, and my teeth are in the best shape ever!!!

Thank you all for everything."


So everyone already knows that I love Barry Raod Dental, but can I tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! How many places can you go, where they treat you like family, they care about you.. Had another appt today, how many places can you go where you feel comfortable saying...what do you think? They are honest and caring and TRUST me when I say they go the extra mile!!! and a HUGE shout out to think you have trouble understanding insurance....this is the lady...thank you to everyone at Barry Road Dental, you're for sure are giving me my smile back!! Xoxo