From Doctor Stephanie

Alaina came in as a consultation for dentures, with her Mom I might add. She was dead set on getting dentures. I am very honest, and try and find treatment we can both be proud of.  This is a story of ownership, trust, teamwork, overcoming fears, change and on and on.  At first she needed help, medication, nitrous, and her mom.  Each visit she became more trusting and more relaxed.  At one point she asked me, do you know why I listened and stayed.  No was the answer.  She said because you told me I could go to many more dentists until I found one that would make me a denture and then I would be at the wrong one.  At her last visit the only help she needed was having her Mom along- I cannot adequately express how proud, honored and blessed I am to have taken this journey with these ladies, Alaina, her Mom, and my wonderful team.  Alaina left beaming with her beautiful new smile.  She was smiling so big she claimed she knew her cheeks would hurt tomorrow. Tears of joy all around.  Alaina now comes in every 6 months for routine check up's and even comes without her mom!


Dr. Stephanie enjoys giving her patients a smile they'll be proud to show off.

"I appreciate having such great patients!!! This is another lady I loved working with to help her achieve her beautiful new smile!"


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