Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular option for numerous reasons.
Implants offer you a foundation for new restorative teeth to replace natural teeth that are missing or have been extracted. An implant offers you the opportunity to regain the normal function of the missing teeth without resorting to a bridge or a denture.

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The implant will bond (osseointegrate) with your jaw bone.

The new implant support your teeth firmly, safely and comfortably. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are the next best thing to the real deal.

Implants are aesthetically pleasing.

No more pain. An implant allows you to eat and talk comfortably.

Dental implants prevent progressive bone atrophy. Simply put: Implants help prevent the loss of mass in your jawbone.


Many people think of a tooth being only that which they see when smiling, There’s more to a tooth than just that. There’s two sections to a tooth: the crown, which we see, and the root, which is beneath the gumline and embedded in the jawbone.

A dental implant acts to restore the root.

The first step is to surgically insert a metal implant that serves as an anchor – a new root – in the jawbone. Under regular dental anesthetic, the gum is opened, and the Oral Surgeon places the implant in the jawbone. The gum tissue is then closed.

Usually, no significant discomfort is associated with this procedure, which can take 1-3 hours depending on how many implants are required.

An implant then remains untreated 3-6 months. During this time, the bone will grow around the implant in a process called “osseointegration.” As the word implies, the implant is integrated into the jawbone. A removable crown is utilized to allow for chewing and to preserve cosmetic appearances.

The next step in the process is attaching an abutment to the implant. The abutment will support the final permanent crown.

An impression is then taken, and the permanent crown is created. Your completed implant will be fully functional, allowing you to resume eating, talking and smiling in comfort.