5 Strong Arguments from Family Dentistry in Parkville: Why Flossing is Important —“How often have you been flossing?” is one of the most frequently asked questions when you go to a family dentistry in Parkville. You frequently lie to the dentist while looking him or her directly in the eye. Your statements may suggest one thing, but others who weren’t around when you were born are aware that you haven’t been flossing. According to the American Dental Association, flossing should be done twice daily, however, the majority of people fall far short of this need.

If you don’t regularly floss, a dentist in Parkville says that you could be doing serious harm to your gums and teeth without even being aware of it. Instead of cleaning the outside of your teeth like a toothbrush does, flossing involves cleaning the narrow gaps in between your teeth. You can be doing more harm than good to your health if you neglect these crucial regions.


5 Strong Arguments for Why a Family Dentistry in Parkville Says Flossing is Important


Even if the evidence suggests that it is crucial, a lot of other people hold contrary views. Here are some of the explanations provided by family dentistry in Parkville, as to why flossing is essential.

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  1. Combining brushing and flossing is preferable to brushing alone

Our family dentistry in Parkville explains that you would be foolish to believe that just because you brush your teeth, you are safe. Even if brushing your teeth twice a day is an excellent strategy to maintain your oral health, it is insufficient. Plaque, food, and bacteria get caught in innumerable spots on your teeth that you just can’t reach when you brush them since you are only cleaning the surface of your teeth. While a toothbrush is excellent for removing plaque, floss can reach in between teeth. You must do both if you want the best type of clean.


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  1. Gum Protection

As a top family dentistry in Parkville, our experts know understand how crucial it is to floss, you must observe how deeply the teeth are set into the gums. There is a problematic area where the teeth and gums connect. Small food particles have the potential to become lodged in those hard-to-reach areas, where they can lead to the formation of tartar and ultimately, severe cases of gingivitis.

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  1. Conserving Your Cash

Yes, flossing could help you save a significant amount of money. Many people are unaware of this, but taking good care of your teeth and gums can help you save money on insurance and medical bills. Long-term savings will be greater the less frequently you visit the dentist.

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  1. Health Promotion

Even if your teeth may be yellow, this is not the biggest concern. The issues that can arise from poorly maintained teeth might be much more dangerous to your health than you might think. You increase your chance of developing more severe problems including diabetes and significant respiratory ailments.

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  1. Avoiding Tartar Growth

Although it may seem obvious, few individuals consider how much flossing helps prevent tartar from amassing on the teeth and around the gums. Plaque cannot be removed from the gums once it has formed, making it a very significant issue.

By flossing regularly, you can prevent plaque from building up on the gums and turning into tartar. Plaque and tartar preventing mouthwash with fluoride should be a part of your morning routine.

If you didn’t know it already, brushing and flossing together can significantly improve your life and prevent major dental headaches. You can keep your body in good health in addition to maintaining a bright and healthy smile. Knowing how to floss properly and using it consistently will prevent a lot of future issues.


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In conclusion, the critical role that flossing plays in maintaining our oral health is undeniable. It’s not just an adjunct to brushing; it’s a fundamental part of our overall dental hygiene regimen. Our family dentistry in Parkville knows that flossing regularly serves multiple functions that are vital for maintaining a healthy mouth and by extension, a healthier body.

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Our family dentistry in Parkville is here to tell you that flossing is instrumental in removing stubborn plaque and lingering food particles from areas that your toothbrush simply can’t reach. These hidden nooks and crannies between our teeth and along the gum line are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Also, our family dentistry in Parkville recommends flossing because it is a proactive measure against gum disease, a condition that can manifest as bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, and if left untreated, can escalate to tooth loss. By consistently removing plaque, flossing helps to prevent the onset of gum disease, keeping your gums healthy and your breath fresh.

Furthermore, a dentist in Parkville knows that flossing has implications that transcend oral health. Studies suggest a correlation between poor oral health and an array of serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. Regular flossing, therefore, could be a contributing factor in preventing these diseases, highlighting its importance in our overall health strategy.


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Lastly, a dentist in Parkville explains a robust dental hygiene routine including daily flossing can potentially save you from expensive dental procedures in the future. Preventive care is always more cost-effective than treatment. Investing a few minutes each day in flossing can save considerable time, discomfort, and financial resources in the long run.

Our family dentistry in Parkville knows that it is important to make flossing an indispensable part of your daily routine. It’s a small act with far-reaching impacts. Remember, the path to a radiant smile and a healthier you is incomplete without flossing. Your future self will thank you for the few extra minutes you spend today on this crucial aspect of oral hygiene.


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